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Nirmala Villa is a remarkable Ayurveda and Eco hotel located in a charming, natural environment full of lush green trees, with clean fresh air, quiet, tranquility and sweetness of birds singing in Habaraduwa of Galle district 140 km down the south coast from Colombo, commercial capital of Sri Lanka.


Indulge in true feeling

of nature

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I stayed at Nirmala Villa with my love and have a positive experience. The swimming pool area is very beautiful and is a hidden place where we can enjoy and the outdoor spa is also a nice hidden place. It is interesting to stay at Nirmala Villa where our privacy is protected. As well as I love their food especially tuna salad. The staff are very friendly and kind. We really enjoyed the 7 day tour package that offered by the hotel.

Alina / Russia

I stayed here and everything was good. When I left the hotel, I wanted to stay for some more days. I had never seen such a natural, calm and beautiful nature before and in that nature my mind relaxed. Furthermore I was happy with everything at the hotel.

Paul / Spain

I’m very interested in their Ayurveda treatments and the prices were cheap. I was treated for a skin rash which couldn’t be cured for ages. Every day they provided me special Ayurvedic food and beverages which were better for my rash. I stayed there only for 2 weeks and my rash was totally cured by their Ayurveda treatments. The doctor is excellent.

Adrien / France

I’m a 42 years old woman. I had a pain in my spine and also a hunchback. I was too shy to go out with my hunchback. I took medicine for a long time to cure it and also had a surgery, but everything was fail. I got Ayurveda treatments for my spine problem at Nirmala Villa and it was absolutely cured in just 6 weeks. It was a miracle. When I came back to my country my friends who saw my straight body were surprised. Now I can go out in self-confidence & I’m really happy & enjoy my life because of the Ayurveda doctor & the friendly staff who care of me at Nirmala Villa. Thank you so.... very much!

Linda Watson / USA

It is a pleasant hotel in a superb location. The young lady manger looks pretty and is talented and always busy like a bee. It is not a 5 star hotel, but provided 5 star service in managing every department of the hotel by the manager. She is a best manager to her age. Good Luck!

Rolf Reinhardt / Germany